Ghanshyam Chandra

(घनश्याम चंद्रा)

Ghanshyam is a PhD Candidate at ATCG Lab, in Department of Computational and Data Sciences at the IISc . His research involves the intersection of High-Performance Computing and Computational Biology .

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[May 2024]
Serving as a PC member for AccMLBio (ICML 2024).
[April 2024]
I will be giving talks at RECOMB-Seq 2024 and RECOMB 2024, both held at MIT, USA.
[March 2024]
Our work on "Accelerating whole-genome alignment using parallel chaining algorithm" is accepted for short talk at [RECOMB-Seq 2024]
[February 2024]
Invited talk by IEEE on "Why Use Human Genome Graphs as a Reference? Insights into Scalable Genome Graph Algorithms." [Poster] [Memento]
[December 2023]
Our paper titled "Haplotype-aware Sequence-to-Graph Alignment" is accepted at RECOMB 2024. [Link]
[November 2023]
Preprint on "Haplotype-aware Sequence-to-Graph Alignment". [preprint]

Minichain (v1.3) released with support for "Haplotype-aware Sequence-to-Graph Alignment". [Link]
[August 2023]
Received Intel Research Fellowship 2023-24.
[June 2023]
Our paper titled "Co-linear Chaining on General Graphs" is accepted at WABI 2023.
[May 2023]
Released, PanAligner: Long read mapper to a pangenome graph. Link.
[April 2023]
I gave a talk on Sequence to Graph Alignment using Gap-Sensitive Co-Linear Chaining at RECOMB 2023.

I presented a poster titled "Minichain: A New Method for Pangenome Graph Construction" at RECOMB-SEQ 2023.

I presented my research work on Pangenomes at the EECS 2023 Symposium.
[March 2023]
Received RECOMB 2023 Travel Fellowship.

Our poster titled "Minichain: A new method for pangenome graph construction" has been accepted at RECOMB-SEQ 2023. [Link]
[Feb 2023]
Minichain v1.2 released. [Link]

Minichain v1.1 released. [Link]
[Dec 2022]
Presented a poster titled "Scaling sequence-to-DAG alignment with parameterized gap-sensitive co-linear chaining algorithms" at HiPC 2022. [Link]
[Nov 2022]
A paper titled "Sequence to graph alignment using gap-sensitive co-linear chaining" is accepted at RECOMB 2023. [Link]
[Dec 2021]
Winner: National HPC Hackthon 2021. [Link]
[Oct 2021]
Benchmarking human whole genome and RNA sequencing using Nvidia Ampere A100 GPUs. [Link]
Haplotype-aware sequence alignment to pangenome graphs. [preprint] [code]
Ghanshyam Chandra, Daniel Gibney and Chirag Jain, (To appear in RECOMB 2024, To be published in Genome Research)
Co-linear Chaining on Pangenome Graphs [paper] [code]
Jyotshna Rajput, Ghanshyam Chandra and Chirag Jain, (Appeared in WABI 2023, Published in Algorithms for Molecular Biology)
Gap-Sensitive Colinear Chaining Algorithms for Acyclic Pangenome Graphs. [paper] [code]
Ghanshyam Chandra and Chirag Jain, (Appeared in RECOMB 2023, Published in Journal of Computational Biology)

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